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Skin Care
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Skin Care

Everyone has once had skin problems. It is hard to come across somebody who has never had to deal with any kind of skin diseases. But what do we actually know about this medical phenomenon? Sometimes we do try to treat skin problems but do not take all the necessary preparations. We naively think that the problem can disappear on its own. However, that approach and attitude to one's health condition is absolutely incorrect. Present - day drugs can help you cure any kind of skin problems starting from acne, dermatitis to mycotic lesions of skin.

The most common skin problems include:

  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Fungal infestations
  • Rosacea

Types of dermatitis represent one of the main skin problems. In other words, this condition means "skin inflammations". The most frequently diagnosed dermatitis is - an atopic form or allergic dermatitis. This condition needs the most complex treatment. If not treated properly, it can even turn into a chronic disease. The allergic agent has to be removed completely. There can be other forms of dermatitis: contact, toxic, viral, bacterial, and fungal. Dermatitis can manifest without leaving your home. For example, during washing up you do not use any protective gloves. Very soon, in a couple of days or in a week the skin gets irritated and starts to peel, sometimes even itching may occur, and painful cracks on the fingers may start to appear.

Another skin problem is Eczema. It differentiates from normal dermatitis due to the symptoms that it causes. It appears on skin as a tightly gathered serous "wells" that form small blisters. When the illness is in the early stage, it is causing light itching. But in severe cases eczema can be chronic. This skin problem affects people at all ages and is not related to human organism development in comparison with the next disease. Skin problems like Acne Vulgaris can't be considered as a virility skin problem but is more a severe skin disorder. It is hard to treat. Acne is a chronic genetic disorder of sabeceous glands, which is related to their strong sensibility to stimulation with androgens ( a group of mail sex hormones), follicular hyperceratosis, vital activity of certain microorganisms like (Propionibacterium acnes), tissue inflammation on specific skin areas with a wide spread system of oil glands.

Roaccutane (isotretionin) is a popular drug that has been recommended as an effective one for severe and developed acne fighting. It was developed by Hoffman La Roche. It is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A in the chemical structure. Roaccutane produces a persistant and certain effect. Since its approval and introduction on the pharmaceutical market, Roaccutane has taken its rightful niche in the treatment of severe types of acne. The stable effect of this drug is reached by nearly absolute inhibition of secretory activity of oil glands - it is the main cause of bacterial replication. The results from Roaccutane treatment prove to be much better than from antibiotic and hormonal therapy. Long-time clinical practice demonstrates that the preparation is very effective in 95% of cases and is also characterized by long remission phase. Recidivism of acne can occur only due to incorrect dosing of the preparation.

Other skin problems like fungal infestations are also difficult to treat. Specific microorganisms affect skin, hair, nails. Such diseases due to their transmission are separated into a particular group in dermatology. Despite the fact that hygiene and sanitary conditions have significantly improved, this skin problem still exists.

In conclusion we want to mention Rosacea as a chronic widespread skin problem that affects initially skin on face. Such a skin problem develops in the 4-th decade of human life. The causes for Rosacea can absolutely vary and have not been capitally studied. The primary stages are characterized by severe irritation and reddening of skin especially on the cheeks that in later stages may form into papuls. Step by step, the redness becomes more severe and affects the nose, chin or other skin areas. That is why if a person likes spicy food, or suffers from alcoholism he is in the risk group. As soon as first symptoms occur, be sure to consult a doctor.

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